Aeon Clash

Aeon Clash is an arcade racer in the vein of Mario Kart and F-Zero. It was designed and implemented by myself and four others for CPSC 585 (Game Programming) at the University of Calgary. Aeon Clash is programmed in C++ and uses Aegia PhysX.

The objective of Aeon Clash is to go from last to first place by any means necessary. At your disposal is a variety of weaponry, including the ever-popular heat-seeking missile and the stalwart landmine. In a pinch, you can even use turn your vehicle into a weapon by ramming opponents off the track and into the environmental hazards below. Aeon Clash offers you two paths to victory: either be the first vehicle to cross the finish line, or simply annihilate the opposition. The choice is yours.

Aeon Clash was the first "real" game I was ever involved in, and it shows; the game looks like it would be at home on the Nintendo 64. Still, I'm quite proud of Aeon Clash. For a game which was made in four months by a team who had never programmed a game before, it's surprisingly fun to play. The heat-seeking rocket provides some particularly fun moments, whether you're firing it at an escaping craft just before they jump the broken bridge, or getting smacked from behind just as you were about to cross the finish line.