Gemma is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzle game for Windows. Gemma was written in C++ using the DirectX 11 API.


Like Tetris, Gemma is a game without end; your goal is simply to accumulate as many points as possible before your game is over. Points can be scored by removing contiguous groups of similarly-colored gems from the game board. When gems are cleared from the board, the remaining gems fall down to fill the empty space. Players earn more points by clearing large numbers of gems in a single move; skilled players will plan ahead and manipulate the board in order to group similarly-coded gems and maximize their score.

When the player cannot make any more matches, the level is complete. At the end of the level, players will earn bonus points based on the number of gems remaining on the board; if a player can clear every single gem on the board, they'll earn a massive bonus! If the player has accumulated enough points, then they are allowed to proceed to the next level and the game board is replenished with gems. Otherwise, it's game over!

Special gems appear randomly at the start of every level. These special gems can help you to rack up massive points. When clicked, the "magic gem" will change both itself and the 8 gems surrounding it into gems of a single, random color. The "rainbow gem" can be used as a wild-card; clicking it will change the rainbow gem into a new color. Finally, the player also starts the game with three "hammers" -- these hammers can be used at any time to remove a single gem from the game board. But use your hammers wisely, because once they're gone, they're gone!