Personal Projects

Ethereum Vanity Identicon Generator (2016)

Because you deserve an awesome identicon.

This JavaScript-based tool churns through Ethereum accounts, looking for those which have rare or unusual identicons. Just set the parameters and watch it go! In a pinch, it can also act as a regular vanity address generator.

The PAD Texture Extractor (2015)

The PAD Texture Extractor is a python script which extracts texture images from the binary data of the popular iOS/Android game "Puzzle & Dragons".

GreatGameIdeas (2014)

GreatGameIdeas is a Twitter bot written in C# which which generates fantastic and nonsensical ideas for new video games.

SteamMusings (2014)

SteamMusings is a Twitter bot written in C# which tweets about PC games available on Steam.

The Hangul Romanizer (2014)

This online JavaScript-based tool allows you to romanize Korean characters (Hangul) into their English equivalents.

ReviewCloud for Steam (2014)

ReviewCloud for Steam is a Greasemonkey script written in JavaScript and jQuery. It displays a word cloud generated from user-written reviews on the store page of every Steam game.

The Steam Market Shopper (2013)

The Steam Market Shopper is a C# application which alerts the user to low-priced items listed on Valve’s Steam Community Market. When a good deal is detected, the Shopper can even purchase the item without involvement from the user.

Gemma (2011)

Gemma is an easy-to-learn, hard-to-master puzzle game for Windows. Gemma was written in C++ using the DirectX 11 API.

Prism Squad: GO! (2010)

Warning! Warning! Earth is under attack from the evil Spek'Tral armada! Our only hope rests in the hands of Earth's sworn protectors: those paragons of prismatic power, that chromatic crew of champions, those magnificent, multicolored masters, the one and only Prism Squad!

Prism Squad: GO! is a cooperative three-player game, played using Nintendo Wiimotes. It's a fast-paced action game which emphasizes the importance of teamwork and coordination. Prism Squad: GO! was created in 2010 as part of my master's thesis at the University of Calgary.

Matchmaker (2009)

Finding your soulmate can be tough; sometimes, it helps to have a matchmaker. Work together with a partner to match up "Peeps" and spread love throughout the land. When the Peeps lose hope, there's only one cure – hold your partner's hand and show them the power of love!

Matchmaker is a two-player game for tabletop computers which explores how interpersonal touch can be used in digital games. Using DiamondTouch™ technology, Matchmaker can actually sense when two players are holding hands! Matchmaker was created in 2009 as part of my master's thesis at the University of Calgary.

Aeon Clash (2007)

In the 31st century, the violent sport of space-racing has become the most popular form of entertainment in the galaxy. Each year, drivers from around the universe gather at The Aeon Clash – a winner-take-all death-race where no tactic is too underhanded. As a rookie entrant in The Aeon Clash, you'll need to use every tool at your disposal to eliminate the competition before they can eliminate you!

Aeon Clash is a single-player PC racing game created in 2007 for an undergraduate games-programming course at the University of Calgary.

Photogeist (2007)

Take an ordinary player, a supernatural camera, throw in a few camera-shy ghosts, and you've got Photogeist – the ghost-hunting photography game. Stalk your supernatural prey to capture the best photos you possibly can. But act fast! These ghosts aren't about to hold still for a picture!

Photogeist is an augmented reality game played using a tablet PC as a camera. It was created in 2007 as a summer research project at the University of Calgary.

Save 'Em (2006)

"The Dudes" have done it again – they've gone and trapped themselves in a maze filled to the brim with deadly traps and fiendish monsters! Helpless and hopeless, those Dudes are gonna be goners done for sure unless you can point the way to freedom. Using your control wand, guide the Dudes through the maze and towards the exit. If your hand is steady and your timing is right, you just might Save 'Em!

Save 'Em is an augmented reality game which inserts digital characters into the player's world. It was created in 2006 as a summer research project at the University of Calgary.

The Mega Man 3 Password Generator (2004)

I love Mega Man 3 - it's one of my favorite games of all time. To show my love for this 8-bit classic, I built this online JavaScript-based tool to interactively generate passwords for the game.